Welcome to our new look Protal Ltd site!

Since we launched, over two years ago, Protal Ltd has seen some very encouraging changes in the safety wear field and after visiting A+A Dusseldorf this year (2013), we have a bursting list of potential new partners. This is why we thought it about time to give our website a little TLC.

Welcome! Although we wanted the site to look as similar as its predecessor, we also wanted it to be easier for you to find your way around and naturally, we have some great new features too. Our new and improved Partners Page will give you an extensive list of spinners, knitters, weavers, distributors, resellers and garment makers from across the world that all use Protal Ltd. Not only can you look at this list, but you can also click through and have a look at what our partners do on their respective websites too.

Why not take a little time to get used to our website and have a look at our Protal Ltd ranges. You’ll notice yourself just how easy it is to use.