Reducing the risks of a work related injury

Protal Ltd is dedicated to making the most innovative, easy-to-wear and safe work wear around and that is why we have so many partners that stock our patented FR blends and products. Knowing the latest legal requirements and keeping a breast with the most revolutionary advancements in fibres helps us to remain as one of most advanced brands in the industry.

Paramount to us is the safety of workers, not just while wearing our garments (that goes without saying) but with dealing with the everyday risks and hazards that show themselves in the least expected places. Ensuring workers have a high understanding of how hazards and risks in the workplace can be avoided, can ensure that the number of injuries inflicted remains as low as possible.

Here we have put together a few tips that might help you to remain out of harm’s way when at work.

#Tip 1

Don’t be alone

It’s becoming more common that people are carrying out tasks alone for jobs where a recommended number of people is given. In fact, statistics show that due to government cuts, a typical manufacturing job that normally requires the dedication of 5 employees is being left to a singular employee. If this sounds like common practice in your workplace and you’re given or faced with a job that seems far too complex or strenuous for one person, ensure you request the help of more people from the person in charge – it’s oversights like this which can lead to serious injury.

#Tip 2

Don’t avoid protective equipment

Ear protectors, goggles and overalls may seem incredibly difficult to wear at times, especially when working around high temperatures; however, they have been designed purely because of your work surroundings. By dressing in accordance to regulations and protecting yourself with the equipment provided, at all times, you are considerably reducing your risk of injury. Their benefits far exceed their few detriments.

#Tip 3

Always wear correct work wear

Although this sounds obvious, many people neglect their workplace’s uniform regulations, which is one of the most common ways an injury is inflicted.  Ensuring your uniform is up to standards with both the Health and Safety law and your work’s guidelines will put you in the best position for avoiding unnecessary injury at work. E.g.: If you work in an environment with a high fire risk, ensure you have the protective clothing necessary and legally recommended, to do your job.

Protal Ltd is always working on ways to develop FR fabrics that are breathable and easy to wear, yet in keep with all the necessary laws and regulations. Protal 3 and 5 are patent protected and provide safety as well as comfort in all temperature extremities.

For more information about our unique Protal blend and how to get hold of it, please take a look at our Partners page or drop us a line via

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